Minute-Hand Miscues. If the cuckoo chimes the right number of hours but at the wrong time, the minute hand is out of position. Hand-loosen the nut holding the hands onto the shaft and move the. In this example we would move the hour hand to 2:00. Chimes are now in sync and correct, but the clock is showing the wrong time. Move the minute hand forward stopping at each time the chime plays allowing the chime to complete before continuing to advance to the next chime point until you reach the correct time. <b>Clock</b> Weights Are Out of Order. 620-192 Helmsley Wall Clock - dual chime. My chime and time are out of sync. the chime rings four minutes late on ... My Howard Miller grandfather clock chimes are totally out of sync. someone moved the hands to reset the time and didn't let the chimes go off like you are instructed to do when resetting these clocks..

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